We offer 5 different boards and a comprehensive range of accessories to suit your every need.

The essential component that provides the versatility of our entire product range. The internal core is made from 100% recycled kraft.
A natural fibre based board consisting of a recycled kraft core sandwiched between printable white liners.
A lightweight and highly versatile kraft based board with excellent stability and flat panel properties for internal applications.
An upgraded, pre-decorated kraft composite board available in a range of laminate finishes.
Can be surface-decorated with any combination of films, veneers, laminates, plywood, chipboard or MDF.

Eco-friendly X-Board is changing the world...

Manufacture and Testing
Cutting Options
  • Excellent printability with UV screen or inkjet printing equipment.
  • Produced mostly from post-consumer recycled paper waste.
  • No wax or polyethylene used in the manufacturing process, allowing the board to be easily repulped back into paper by recycling agents postuse.
  • Excellent stability in indoor conditions
  • Flame-resistant to international B3 standard (Class II rating is achievable and available on request for volume orders)
Manufacture and Testing

X-Board is manufactured under stringent manufacturing process and quality control conditions. Product testing and development is conducted in accordance with international quality standards with the following quality certifications:

  • ISO 9001
  • OS 9000
  • ISO 14001
Cutting Options

X-Board can be single or double bevel-cut, allowing the board to be folded to 90 to 180 degrees respectively.


We offer 5 different boards and a comprehensive range of accessories to suit your every need.


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