Xanita wants to change the world in some small way. With our wealth of experience we can activate your brand. We offer a one-stop solution to maximise your sales. And most of all, X-Board is our product.

What is X-Board?

X-Board is an alternative to MDF, particle board and foam-core boards. X-Board is not cardboard or timber. It is eco-friendly – made from post-consumer recycled cellulose fibres such as kraft cardboard boxes and sugar cane bagasse. X-Board is ideal for shopfitting, 3D signage, point-of-sale displays, flat pack furniture, anything you can imagine….

A natural fibre based board consisting of a recycled kraft core sandwiched between printable liners.
X-Board is light, strong and sustainable. This makes it ideal for a myriad of applications.
Our design geniuses can use X-Board to create anything you can imagine.

"We want to change the world in some small way."

Benefits of X-Board
Uses of X-Board
Benefits of X-Board
• Lightweight
• Strong
• Printable
• Reusable
• Customisable
• Labour saving
• Easy to assemble
• Quick turnaround
• Weight bearing
• 100% recyclable
• Flat-packable
• Eco-friendly
Uses of X-Board
• POP Displays
• Bulkheads
• Retail
• Design & Architecture
• Shopfitting
• Building Construction
• Exhibitions and Events
• Signage
• Anything you can imagine


We offer 5 different boards and a comprehensive range of accessories to suit your every need.


How can X-board improve your business? Eco-friendly shopfitting, display stands, furniture and more!


The heart of Xanita where our design geniuses use X-Board to create anything you can imagine.


X-Board is available globally. Contact one of your local suppliers to get your hands on this exciting product.